The Republican Lie

The Republicans are claiming they will reduce health insurance premium costs.

That is an outright lie.

The cost savings they propose is achieved by removing the restrictions on minimums insurers must provide, and removing consumer protections. In other words they want the insurance companies to be able to profit from selling crap policies. Go back to major illnesses financially ruining people and people being cut off just when the insurance is most needed.

Imagine I say I will lower the cost of automobiles. I then remove safety regulations so that cars can be made without safety features like seat-belts, horns or structural protections.

Of course that will lower the price of those cars but the overall market price reduction that is achieved is an illusion. The good safe cars will still cost the same. You are just introducing lower cost, unsafe crappy cars into the calculation.

There are those who say “I am a safe driver.” “I don’t need all those costly safety features.” Odds are you may be correct, but all is not in our control. It is much better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Its is the same with insurance. They are removing the safety features.

No more deductible free exams. No more minimum coverage, No more protections from caps and drops in coverage when you are sick.

They say that “the young don’t need the same insurance as older people.”

Yes, the young and healthy don’t get sick as often, but they do get sick.

Imagine coming down with cancer only to find out your treatments aren’t covered. Or be in the middle of a major health crisis only to find out your insurance dropped you, or that you’ve maxed it out and it will pay no more.

They make the argument that “men shouldn’t have to pay for pregnancies or breast exams, or women shouldn’t have to pay for prostate exams.

That argument only works on idiots. This is precisely how insurance works! We all pay for things we more than likely wont need to make it affordable to insure that which we will likely need. If only people likely to have heart attacks insured against them, the price would skyrocket. You also need people paying who will not likely need it to keep the cost down.

Don’t let them fool you. Demand REAL savings and cost reductions without sacrificing basic protections.

Let me know what you think,