Doctor Visit

Went to the doctor today.

Thankfully I don’t have to have surgery but he said that the break is VERY VERY VERY BAD.

Turns out I kinda shattered my ankle, and all that is holding it together is a hope and a prayer. He said I would have to spend a minimum of eight weeks (probably closer to twelve) without putting any weight whatsoever on it. Doing so would risk my ankle collapsing and the need for reconstructive surgery.

The good news is that I got a nice Ky blue cast.

Knee Scooter

The doctor prescribed me something called a “knee scooter” to help me get around while my ankle heals.

I don’t know who invented this thing but they deserve a medal. The difference between it and crutches is night and day.

Crutches allow you to (with difficulty) get from point A to point B and not much else. The scooter not only does the same quicker and easier but it allows me to also carry Items, making me much less dependent on others.

I like zipping around on this thing so much I may just buy one to use after my ankle heals (Yes I am that lazy).


Broken Ankle

It seems my idiotic carelessness has finally caught up with me and I broke my ankle.

I was one or two steps up on a stepladder (which was stupidly placed on some loose soil), the ladder began to tilt, I attempted to jump off, landed wrong and the result was a broken ankle.

Since I will have an abundance of time on my hands for the next few weeks, expect to see this blog come back to life.