Dark Matter

Dark matter and Dark energy are ways to try and explain the apparent movement of all the observable objects within our universe, and why it is accelerating. It is behaving as if it contains far more matter than we can currently detect.

Perhaps gravity can at least account for some of this missing matter.

Imagine the classic illustration of Einsteins theory of gravity that we all have seen. The stretched membrane with marbles (representing mass) creating dimples in the membrane. Now turn over the membrane. Instead of dimples, we get projections. Instead of capturing mass, these projections would repel it.

This could be the effect of our gravity on parallel *universes and visa versa. The extra mass and energy we see could possibly be the gravitational effects of mass in a parallel universe close to our own.

Maybe one day we will find gravitational lenses where there should be none?

LOL Or perhaps I am full of shit.

Let me know what you think.





*I use the incorrect term “universes” for simplicity. The proper term in this instance would be “verses”.