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A Multiverse Revelation

I have always believed in the multiverse rather than the traditional single universe.

Most modern theories either require or become much simpler when multiple (uni)verses are included, from M theory to Relativity to Quantum Mechanics. All suggest multiple verses or realities.

While my belief in a multiverse goes back decades, I had a event in my life about five years back that cemented that belief.

I had a major heart attack.

The type of heart attack I had was called a “Widow Maker” because so few survive it. I had a complete blockage in the LAD. Luckily for me the people around me knew to start CPR. There was a firehouse nearby. The paramedics that had just come on duty were known for their expertise in cardiac events and the trauma team on duty at the hospital included one of the best (THE BEST in my opinion) cardiac specialists in the area.

Once my heart was restarted and a stint was put in to clear the blockage, my body temperature was dramatically lowered for three days to give all my organs a rest and improve my survival odds.

Bare with me, I assure you this will all relate to why I believe in the multiverse.

Trust me when I tell you that a major heart attack that doesn’t kill you WILL FUCK YOU UP!

For the first few days I would break down and cry for no reason at all. For a man in his fifties, this was most humiliating because it happened in front of anyone who visited me. Thankfully that only lasted a few days. Then there is the weakness. Even though I had only been bed ridden for a few days, I had zero muscle strength. Just sitting up was a choir and it took a couple months to return to normal.

While in the hospital I started noticing some strange differences. The first was my hands. My index finger had always been the exact same size as my ring finger on both hands, now it was shorter.

I didn’t know what to think except that maybe my ring fingers grew a little recently without me noticing? I’ve never heard of that happening at my age but I guess it is possible.

The next thing I noticed was a scar I carried since childhood had disappeared. When I was 13 years old a friend and I were playing with a road flare and a piece of the flaming sulfur dripped on my arm and left a nasty scar. That scar was gone. No matter how close I looked I couldn’t even detect a trace. I had just noticed it a few days before my attack as I had a habit of picking at it. It was a pretty prominent scar.

Friends started relating personal stories that I had no memory of (I just figured the heart attack turned my memories into Swiss cheese).

After I returned home there were items I owned that I had no memory of having, and items I had a clear memory of having were gone. I had to reset a lot of my passwords. Once again I contributed this to the heart attack affecting my memory.

Then I started noticing other small changes. I used to have very little problem with mosquitoes. Others would get ate up but I could go through a swarm and only get a bite or two. Now if I even attempt to go outside evening hours during mosquito season I get bitten from head to toe. Also the way cold medicines and such affect me is different. If it said “may cause drowsiness”, for me it was like taking a hit of speed. It had the exact opposite affect. Now they knock me out. There are also many other small changes that I won’t get into here.

The change that threw me for a loop and got me really believing in a multiverse happened a few months after my heart attack. I was out doing some shopping and ran into a childhood friend. For me this was beyond surprising. I clearly remembered attending his funeral years before. In fact I was there when he died. He fell off a ladder while we were painting a house and crushed the back of his head.

Now here he was standing in front of me asking how I have been. I must have turned white because he asked if I was alright. I quickly shook it off and acted as though I just hadn’t seen him in some time but that event shook me to my core.

When I got home I was convinced the heart attack took my sanity. I can understand it causing my to lose memories, but create false ones?

It just didn’t make sense.

Then I got to thinking. What if my heart attack was the cause of these apparent changes but not in the way I was thinking.

What if I was somehow remembering a universe where one of those lucky events that allowed me to survive didn’t happen and I died in another reality? What if when we die in one reality, our conscience slips into another reality in which we lived?

I would theorize that normally when it happens you would adopt the memories of the next reality, that I wasn’t meant to have these inconsistent memories. It could be that mine is a rare case, a fluke that I retained some memories of another reality.

Yes I do realize that this could all be in my head. A heart attack is a major trauma and this might be a lingering affect. Or I might simply be delusional.

For now at least I prefer the multiverse explanation. Even if I am delusional it is causing me nor anyone else harm. I know a lot of people who put faith into crazier things with a lot less evidence.

For those of you not familiar with a multiverse theory the basic premise is that any decision or event that has a possible greater outcome than one will split off a new reality.

For instance if you come to the end of a hallway and have a choice to go left or right, two realities are created. One in which you go left and one in which you go right (actually there are many more possibilities, I just simplified it to two).

As you can imagine all the possibilities that has happened since the beginning of time means the multiverse would have an infinite number of realities.

An infinite numbers of realities leaves us with another plausible theory. That everyone gets to live forever.

Think about it.

With an infinite number of realities, in at least one (actually this would also be a infinite number) we would have figured out immortality.

If when we die, our conscientiousness jumps to the next reality in which we live then eventually we make it to the one in which we are immortal.*

Or maybe I’m just full of shit.

Let me know what you think,


*I have another post planned that will go deeper into multiverse theory that I will post in the near future.

Are We All Just A Simulation?

I often wonder if our universe is real or some kind of simulation.

Is there a way to know? Does it matter?

From what I have read, the latest thinking is that the universe is indeed real. That the computational power required to simulate the universe would be more than what would be possible.

I have a couple of problems with this explanation.

1. How do we know what is possible outside our universe?

2. The computational power needed is based on the simulation running in real time.

It is possible that outside of the simulation each second could take hours, days, years or even a millennia to render and we wouldn’t notice the difference within the simulation. When watching a cartoon do we notice that each frame took hours or days to create? The more time it takes to render, the less computational power the simulation needs.

Perhaps, the whole universe isn’t being simulated at once, just a particular point of reference. Maybe just your life and interactions are all that is being simulated. Nothing exists except that which intersects with your life.

Personally I tend to lean towards our universe being a simulation.

The reasoning behind my thinking, is that our universe seems to have a frame-rate. When we look at smaller and smaller increments of time, there comes a point where instead of fading to the next moment, time takes a jump to the next frame. That frame-rate is the energy state of electrons.

Electrons dont smoothly transition from one state of energy to the next. They make a leap to the next state without any transitioning.

I believe that if the universe were not a simulation, all time transitions would be infinitely smooth no matter how closely we look.

In the end though it really doesn’t matter, does it? Simulation or not, the universe is real enough for all within it.

Let me know what you think,